Mint Tie Dye Foamy


    ✖︎  5’3″ x 21 1/2″ x 3″ (42 Liters)
    ✖︎  Lightweight molded EVA Traction, No need for Wax, EVER!
    ✖︎  Traditional wood stringer for maximum performance, optimal flex and break resistance
    ✖︎  Durable, Waterproof and Heat Resistant
    ✖︎  Futures Fin Boxes (Fins Included)
    ✖︎  Made with Recyclable Materials
    ✖︎  Made in USA
    ✖︎  Thread by Formula Fun Collab


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LJ Mint Black Board (1)
Foam Surfboards_1 (1)

Made in USA

 Our foam boards are manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah and ship out of Newport Beach, California. This allows us to have full control over our boards and guarantee they are made with the highest quality materials.


Durable & Flexible

Our boards are made as a solid piece of copolymer foam that is completely waterproof. This makes for a very durable board that if dinged won’t absorb water and is nearly impossible to break!


Wax-Free Deck Pad

Our EVA deck pad is custom designed with small dimples making it a slip free so you don’t need to use wax. This allows you to keep your board in the car or sun without having to worry about messy melting wax.


Futures Fins Included

Our foam surfboards use the Futures Fin box system allowing your board to perform at it’s absolute best.  And each  board comes equipped with a set of Futures Fins so you are ready to rip right when your board arrives.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 21 × 4 in

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